Danish plush red

Red Danish plush, you hate it, or you love it. This traditional colour is the first and best-known one, still enjoying immense popularity. Red is the colour of emotion and personality, associated with force, power, motivation, passion, ambition, warmth and love. The eye-catching red plush can be applied both in new trucks and in youngtimers. Red is giving a lively and homely atmosphere to the cabin and can also be combined with many other colours.

Danish plush comes in a high touring car quality and has been certified to ISO 12947 standards. This means that the plush meets the highest requirements with respect to wear, cleaning instructions and colour fastness.

Do you want to stand out from the rest? It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a youngtimer, a new car or a show truck. Drivers who want to give their truck a totally new design will find something really exclusive with the individual Danish plush from Noah’s Cabinterior.

Prijs 50.82 incl.BTW1,016.40 incl.BTW